Civil Costs Drafting

Litigation Costs Services takes pride in providing a professional yet friendly service that includes costs drafting, consultancy, negotiations, hearings and training to ensure maximisation of costs recovery.  We endeavour to meet with clients on a regular basis and provide full support throughout the costs recovery process.

Our Civil Costs Team is headed by Andrew Reynolds, a Costs Lawyer and Accredited Mediator with over 20 years experience.  Our practice is predominantly Claimant orientated although Andrew has acted for both Defendant and Claimant clients, including the Treasury Solicitor and large national firms.

By instructing our civil team you can be assured that you are working with regulated professionals with acknowledged experience and expertise.

Our involvement throughout cases is becoming more and more important particularly with the introduction of costs budgeting.  We are happy to advise on all aspects of costs from retainers to solicitor and client disputes.

In addition to traditional bills and claims we can also provide costs breakdowns and estimates for listing and allocation questionnaires and budgets (Precedent H) for case/costs management hearings, prepare high cost case plans and advise on orders for both interim and final costs.  We also provide CPD accredited costs updates and training as required.

At Litigation Costs Services we make full use of the latest technology including our own bespoke software ActionCost and never lose sight of our clients’ needs.

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We also offer other Costs Drafting Services aside from Civil Costs Drafting which are:

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