Group Litigation Costs Drafting

The Group Litigation costs drafting team is headed by Sue Nash, Managing Director of Litigation Costs Services. Sue has been involved with legal costs for 28 years and for the last 12 years has specialised in group litigation – she is well known in the costs community for her expertise in this complex area.

We have vast experience of group actions involving institutionalised child abuse, defective pharmaceutical products and environmental pollution. We have been involved in many of these actions from their inception and advised on funding, inter claimant agreements, costs sharing agreements and costs orders. We are frequently called on to instruct Counsel, deal with preliminary issues, attend costs hearings and undertake negotiations leading to settlement.

Sue is always happy to advise any firms considering entering into this area of work or are thinking of becoming involved in a particular action.  It is vital that correct funding mechanisms – and costs sharing arrangements – are dealt with at the very beginning. Systems also need to be put in place to correctly record and allocate work carried out as otherwise costs recovery can be affected – and it will take a lot longer to quantify your costs and get paid!

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